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Discover Answers to Your Questions About the Features you had in AES Compared to iCEV

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We know that it’s challenging to take on a new curriculum resource when you’re in the start of the school year. So, we’ve compiled frequently asked questions about iCEV features compared to what you saw in your AES account.

In this article, you’ll find answers to the questions you have been asking about the iCEV features.

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Where can I set due dates that will close the assignment?

In your iCEV system, you can set open dates at the lesson level and deactivate by date for each activity for all Interactive Assignments. Your deactivation dates will close the access to students at 12:00 AM CST of that day.

How do I find the Electronic Worksheet progress?

The Worksheet Progress Report in your iCEV courses will have the same total number of questions and the number that students have completed, with a link to access the student responses and give feedback.

Here’s where you can find this report:

Step 1

Select View on the Course from your My Courses page.

Step 2

Click Worksheet Progress Report in your right-hand menu in the Students section.

How do I see the Average Grade or Highest Grade on assessments with multiple attempts in my Gradebook?

You can choose how you would like to see grades in your iCEV Gradebook for assessments you have allowed multiple attempts for.

Step 1

In your Grades Report, click the Report Mode Drop and choose the view you would like to see grades in.

Step 2

Click filter report to see the view change.

I have a co-teacher; how do I share my courses?

The co-teacher feature in iCEV allows the other teacher to monitor student grades and view the content. It will not allow the teacher access to edit the course and assign work. Here are the steps for adding a co-teacher to your course.

If you are co-teaching a class and both you and your co-teacher need edit access, reach out to the iCEV Team to find a solution that will work for your courses.

Where can I find the Keyboarding Game?

The Keyboarding Game is within the Keyboarding - BIT21 Lesson listed at the last interactive media lesson.

Students will need to expand to full screen to play the game.

How can I view the course as a student?

There isn’t a view as a student feature in your iCEV account. We know that it’s important to see things from a student perspective to work with students effectively, and we plan to release this feature.

Today, you can enroll yourself as a student in your classes to see the full student experience. Let us know if you need an additional student license to enroll by contacting

Where do I go to see if my students completed the Units of Media Lessons?

In iCEV, we don't currently have a way to see student activity outside of the graded items. We know many teachers knew and loved this in AES, and we have plans to build out those reporting features for you. You can see the first report planned on the iCEV Roadmap is a Student Audit Report.

Before reports are built, the team is creating the ability for students progress to save as they complete the media lessons. This feature is coming this semester!

How do I prevent students from taking a quiz before they complete the media lessons?

In the AES system, the Advance Pacing features would pace students by opening an activity after they completed a required activity. This feature is not currently available in the iCEV system. We’ve received your feedback that this was a helpful feature, and the request is with our Product Team!

When I create a custom exam, how do I choose which lesson to preview questions from?

The Customer Exam tool is currently under development, and your increased filtering abilities for the iCEV question pool are to be released this semester!

Is there a Certificates of Completion report to run for my class when they have completed a lesson?

Generating a certificate of completion for lessons within courses is not currently on our roadmap for release; however, we know that this feature is valuable for teachers to provide for students who are building their portfolios to indicate the topics they have learned. We have submitted your feedback to the iCEV Product Team to think about for consideration in the iCEV system.

The iCEV platform is also a testing platform for many industry-standard certifications that go beyond completing a course. See the available certifications here:

Are the Daily Quiz Challenge questions for Health Science topics in the iCEV system?

These questions are not hosted in the iCEV system, and we do not currently have plans to implement the overall challenge activity. The request for this student activity has been shared with the iCEV Product Team.

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