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Discover Answers to Your Questions About the Transition from AES to iCEV for the 2023-24 School Year

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AES is excited to join forces with iCEV to offer our customers an even better experience.

The AES content is transitioning to the iCEV platform this summer, keeping the same content you know and love but offering even more features and benefits!

With the exciting news of AES and iCEV joining forces, you likely have a lot of questions about how this will impact your subscription and your curriculum access.

In this article, you'll find answers to the most common questions teachers are asking. Click below to jump to information you want to learn:

Ready to migrate from AES to iCEV? Learn how:

About Your Subscription: Access, Renewals, and Pricing

When will I start signing into the iCEV system? Do I need to create an account myself or will it be created for me?

To start signing into the iCEV platform, you will need to initiate the migration process from your AES account. Read this article to learn how to create your iCEV account and migrate your AES classes: How to Migrate Your Courses from AES to iCEV

Do I need a registration code to access my iCEV account?

If you’re on the page asking for a Registration Code you’ve somehow ended up on the student registration page! To sign into your teacher account, go to this URL:

What will happen with my subscription renewal and pricing?

Prior to your renewal date, you will receive communications from your Account Manager about pricing options, and we will create a quote based on your program's needs.

If you'd like to work ahead in your planning, click here to request your renewal quote.

Will I need to go through a new approval process for iCEV?

This will be different for each individual district. However, most districts do not require new approval due to the structure of the acquisition.

Can I still add teachers to our school/district AES account?

No, we recommend your newest teachers are onboarded using the iCEV platform. All the curriculum from AES has been migrated to iCEV and is available for teachers to access.

To add new teachers to your current subscription, please email

What are the iCEV system requirements and allow list addresses that I'll need to share with my IT department?

While iCEV shares some of the same allow list items as AES, there are some additional ones districts will need to enable. Visit this page to look at the iCEV system requirements and allow list:

Our school purchased AES through an adoption. Do we keep using AES? What if more seats need to be purchased?

If your district purchased AES through a state instructional materials adoption, you will now access the content in the iCEV platform. Adoption pricing will be honored through the length of the adoption contract.

Curriculum and Features: What to Expect in the iCEV System

Where can I find the AES content within iCEV?

All curriculum from your AES catalog has moved into the iCEV platform. Click below to see the full catalog of the combined curriculum:

Is any curriculum content going away?

All curriculum is moving over from AES. Microsoft 2013 is the only content that will not move, as Microsoft is no longer supporting it.

Will I have to recreate classes when I transfer from AES to iCEV?

You will need to initiate migration from your AES account to create your iCEV account for the school year. Click here to learn how: How to Migrate Your Classes from AES to iCEV

After migrating, you can create brand new classes from directly within the iCEV platform. When doing this, you can choose content from the full, combined catalog of iCEV and AES curriculum!

What happens to custom questions and assessments I've built?

Custom assessments and questions will be migrated for you so you won't need to recreate them. The migration of custom exams will occur after July 15 and we will provide more information at a later date on when you can migrate custom exams.

Will my students need to create new accounts with the iCEV platform?

Yes. Read this article to learn more: Adding Students to an iCEV Course

Will it look the same to my students?

No, it will not look the same. If enabled, students will now have the ability to access more of the ancillary documents for Explore, Reflect, and Reinforce. In addition, all of the eLearning is combined into one player rather than individual links.

Does this change how my students sign into their assignments?

Yes, students will need to sign into iCEV this school year. If you are not using an LMS integration, the registration steps for you and students is very similar to AES. See a full tutorial here: How to Add Students to a Course

We recommend teachers review any quick-access navigation links that point students to the AES platform that may be listed in their course syllabus, LMS, or other orientation documents. The correct sign on screen students should use this year is:

We strongly recommend teachers to start new students on the iCEV platform. This prevents possible grade data from being lost later this semester, and reduces a disjointed or frustrating learning experience for students.

Will I lose any features?

Our goal is to make the transition to iCEV as smooth as possible for existing AES customers. Two important features we identified were the AES Custom Assessment feature and improving the ability for AES content to fit within the iCEV structure. These two features are prioritized to be completed before the release in July.

Additional features that were a part of AES but are not yet a part of iCEV will be prioritized after the July release. Any planned features and additions to the iCEV platform will be communicated as they are prioritized.

We look forward to the next generation of the iCEV platform and are excited to leverage the experience of both AES and iCEV teams and customers to further enhance the platform and curriculum.

What will happen to the custom modules I've developed in AES?

Custom modules will not be migrated to the iCEV platform as there is currently not a similar feature.

What happens to historical grades and student data?

Due to privacy and security of data, we will not be migrating historical grades and student data to iCEV from AES. Watch this webinar to learn how you can export data out of your AES account: Reports, Exports, and Your First Look at iCEV

Will I still have access to my schools integration?

iCEV offers integrations for multiple learning management system (LMS) and single sign-on (SSO) providers. Current integrations include:

  • Canvas

  • Schoology

  • Blackboard

  • Moodle

  • Google Classroom

  • Clever

  • Classlink

If you had any integrations with the AES system, please communicate with your account manager to get started with setting up a new integration with iCEV.

Learn more about integrations available to you with iCEV here:

Will the curriculum alignments be updated to reflect iCEV instead of AES?

All alignments to HealthCenter21 and Business&ITCenter21 will remain the same and can be accessed from within the iCEV platform.

Will I still be able to see the certification guides and alignments within the platform?

Yes, certification guides corresponding with HealthCenter21 and exams from providers like NHA, NCHSE, and NOCTI will be available in the iCEV platform. You’ll have all the same curriculum needed to cover required topics on the certification exams. You can find these playlists in the “Prep Content for Other Certifications” tab.

After creating a course from the prep content playlist, you’ll see the alignment guide on the right-hand side:

Will I still be able to share classes with my co-teacher?

iCEV has a co-teacher feature, though the functionality is slightly different from how it worked in the AES system. Learn more about co-teachers in iCEV in the tutorial: Using the Co-Teacher Feature

Success with iCEV: Onboarding, Getting Help, and More

How do I schedule training to get familiar with the new curriculum and iCEV platform?

We wrapped up the 2022-23 school year with two webinars to offer information and training to teachers on the transition. Click below to register:

You can also register for the iCEV Professional Development Series here:

If you are looking for one-on-one guidance to get familiar with the iCEV platform, schedule a time to meet virtually with our team by clicking here.

Who do I contact for help?

Through the AES platform, continue to use the live chat feature, or your preferred method of contact.

After you transition to the iCEV platform, you will have access to our award-winning customer service team through live chat, phone support (800-922-9965) and email (

If you have any challenges accessing the live chat please reach out to iCEV via email or the phone number provided.

I rely on the AES tutorials to figure things out. Will the Help Center be updated to reflect the new iCEV system?

iCEV has a full set of tutorials to guide you through everything from setting up your courses, inviting students, and using one of the many integrations we have to offer. All tutorials will be updated with information regarding the new features, and where to access AES content by July 2023. The AES Help Center will not be updated with this information due to the migration to the iCEV platform.

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