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What Does AES Grade Automatically?
What Does AES Grade Automatically?

Learn what is graded, what is not graded, and more!

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Students don’t like getting them. Teachers don’t like calculating them. But grades go a long way in determining if the students mastered the material. 

For teachers, we’ve provided automated grading and provided ways to modify student grades as needed on a case-by-case basis.  In this article, you'll find answers for:

  • What is Graded?

  • What is Not Graded?

  • How are Grades Calculated?

What is Graded?

All assessments are graded for you. If needed, you can revise assessment grades for your students individually. 

Assessments include:

  • Unit Quizzes - Formative grades

  • Module Tests - Summative grades

  • Custom Exams - Summative grades 

What is Not Graded?

Not everything in the system is automatically graded. There are some things you can choose to grade by hand or not grade at all. 

  • Interactive Lessons

  • Activities and Projects

  • Worksheets – both electronic and pdf

  • Daily Quiz Challenge

Interactive Lessons

The student lessons are not graded. Instead, they have three stages: Not Started, Started, and Completed. You can always check the lesson status to see how your students are doing. There are two lesson formats, narrated text and video, and both include comprehension checks throughout the lesson. To explore the lessons, use the View as Student feature.


The unit worksheets, even when completed electronically, are not graded. However, you can see an individual student's worksheet responses and the number of questions they have completed so far. 

Activities and Projects

Many of the activities in the Reflect and Reinforce learning phases come with rubrics for you. These optional grades are not integrated into the system. 

If you would like to grade participation for activities, you can add this and calculate grades using your school grade book. Since these activities involve so much creativity, we wouldn't want to stunt that by incorporating automated grading for those!

Daily Quiz Challenge

NOTE: This is only a feature for teachers using our Health Science curriculum.

This challenge is a great way to motivate learners! You can see a student's performance on a challenge, but that performance is not included as a grade in your Gradebook.

If you'd like to implement this into your class, take a peek at this article on the Daily Quiz Challenge.

How are Grades Calculated?

Each assessment will have a grade and is equally weighted. You can change the weight of each grade by exporting the grades (reports/export article) to an Excel spreadsheet and customizing from there. 

By default, the grades are based on percentages, but you can convert them to points.

If you haven't already, learn more about all the display options on the Gradebook by clicking the button below!

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