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Implementing AES In Your Classroom
How to Incorporate the New Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum in Your Classes
How to Incorporate the New Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum in Your Classes

Discover Ways to Introduce the New A&P Curriculum to Your Students

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Are you excited about the new anatomy and physiology curriculum but not sure how to incorporate it into your classes?

In this article, you’ll find recommendations to implement the A&P curriculum based on common scenarios we’ve heard from teachers like you:

For each situation, you’ll find tips and ideas to make the most of the new anatomy and physiology modules at the pace you’re comfortable with.

I just want to see what’s there. How can I review the new curriculum?

Don’t plan to implement the new anatomy and physiology material this school year? You can still dive in and take a look to prepare for next school year!

Follow these easy steps to look at the new A&P modules at your own pace.

Step 1

Sign in to your AES account at

Step 2

Click the Catalog tab in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3

In the left-hand menu, click Health Science, then Anatomy and Physiology.

Here you’ll see the complete list of brand new A&P modules to look through.

You can also access the A&P course guide by clicking the Download Course Guide button.

You can revisit these modules from the Catalog any time you’re interested in learning more about the materials available. (This is especially useful when planning for next school year!)

I want to use some activities but don’t want to change what my students see within AES.

Are you interested in trying one of the new activities to mix things up in your classroom?

You can access all the lesson plans and materials from the Catalog tab without adding the modules to your class Assignments list. This is a great way to add new activities without changing anything your students see when working in the AES system.

In this section, you’ll find tips for using activities from the Explore, Reflect, and Reinforce phases of the A&P modules.

Start Small with the Explore Trivia Questions

In the Explore phase of each body system module, you’ll find a Trivia Questions activity.

You can use these activities to:

  • Create bell ringers that kick off each class period

  • Run a trivia game where students team up and compete against each other

  • Lead a class discussion to expand on the body system

Use Reflection Questions to Expand Student Thinking

Each A&P module includes a Reflect activity that provides an opportunity for students to reflect upon and apply what they learned to situations.

You can use these reflection questions to expand the conversations in your classroom or assign journal activities to your students.

Take Your Students’ Learning Further with Reinforce Activities and Projects

In the Reinforce phase of each A&P module, you’ll find four resources to sprinkle into your existing lessons to deepen your students’ understanding of the body system.

A few ideas for adding a new reinforcement activity to your classes where you see fit include:

  • Have students learn about careers related to the body system by completing the Careers Research activity.

  • Challenge students to take their knowledge deeper by assigning the Diseases and Disorders Research activity for a body system.

  • Give students the Crossword Puzzle activity as homework or a study aid so they can review or practice key terminology.

  • Have students learn innovations in the field by completing the Advanced Treatment Research project.

I’d like to try out one of the new A&P modules with my students. How should I do that?

If you’re excited to try out the new curriculum with your students, an excellent place to start is choosing one body system module to test the waters with your students.

For example, if there is a body system you haven’t covered yet, you can use the new version of the module rather than the existing unit.

Follow these steps to try a new body system module with your students:

Step 1

Sign in at

Step 2

Choose your class and click the Assignments tab.

Step 3

Click the legacy Anatomy and Physiology module in your assignment list and delete the unit of the body system you haven’t covered yet.

Note: Only delete a unit that does not have student progress associated with it!

Step 4

Add the new body system module to your class and rearrange your assignment list as needed, so it’s easy for students to find.

Step 5

Decide how in-depth you want to go by choosing which units to display to your students.

Step 6

When you’re ready to discuss the new body system with your students, direct them to the new module in their assignment list.

I’m ready to fully transition to the new A&P curriculum. Where do I start?

With the new anatomy and physiology curriculum release, we’ve expanded the content from 13 units to 13 full modules.

If you’re ready to make the switch to the new curriculum, follow these steps to make your life easier and give your students the best learning experience:

Step 1

Wrap up what your students are working on in their current AES class. You should wait for a point when students have submitted all graded assignments and tell them not to complete any more work in the class.

Step 2

Create a brand new class in your AES account.

Step 3

Add the A&P modules from the Anatomy and Physiology template. If there are other modules you haven’t covered in your course yet, add them here as well.

This will be the class your students will work through for the rest of the year after completing their current assignments.

Step 4

Instruct your students to enroll in the new A&P class to work through the remainder of your course.

Want more guidance on using the new anatomy and physiology curriculum modules? Send us a chat - we’d love to help.

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