The AES Beta is packed with improvements for you and your students. These updates are scheduled to go live for all teachers and classes, on July 12th in preparation for the 2022-2023 school year.

If you're considering enabling the Beta features in your classes this school year, you likely have questions about how it works.

In this article, we’ll answer the most common questions teachers like you ask about enabling the Beta features for your classes.

What is a Beta release?

A Beta release gives you the opportunity to use and view new and updated features in your classes before they are put in place as the standard for all teachers and classes.

What’s included in the Beta release?

Your students will see a new, mobile-friendly student experience, that includes:

  • A new assignment list layout

  • Notifications for the best viewing experience on their devices

  • The ability to condense their assignment list for smaller screens

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You will see updated and new assessment features, including:

  • A more comprehensive exam creation tool with new question types and an improved editing experience

  • The ability to preview assessments in your View as Student feature

  • A new look for the answer keys and additional printing features

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What if I’m not ready to upgrade yet?

You don’t have to upgrade right away and can choose to upgrade at any time until these features are released to all classes for the 2022-2023 school year.

Will any of the Beta features impact my students?

If you enable the Beta, your students will be impacted by the new student experience. They will see a new modern layout, the ability to condense the items for viewing on smaller screens, and the assessment format will be updated.

How will this affect my current license/package?

Upgrading your classes to the Beta version will not affect your subscription. There is no additional charge and your student license count will remain the same.

Am I able to upgrade just one class as a test?

Yes! You get to choose which classes you want to upgrade to the Beta. You can even create a new class to use as a sample and enable the Beta to see what it’s all about!

What will happen to my existing custom exams and questions?

Your custom exams will be upgraded to the new assessment format. All of the questions and exams that you have created in the class will remain there in the new format with additional features.

Have any features or functionality been removed?

No functionality has been removed in the Beta features. There are only additional features included for assessments and functionality.

What if I change my mind after I enable the Beta?

Once you opt into turning the Beta on, there won’t be a way to revert back to the legacy version. This is because when it’s turned on, all of your assessment data will be transferred and reformatted to use the new features. Switching back from the beta version to the legacy version could cause a loss of student progress and grades.

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