How to Use the Curriculum Search

Tips and Best Practices for Using the Curriculum Search Feature in the Catalog

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Do you teach a course not included in our alignments and documentation?

Are you wondering if AES covers a new topic you decided to teach mid-semester?

The Curriculum Search is a quick, easy way to determine which learning modules cover the topics you’re looking for.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Curriculum Search and best practices for finding what you need.

How to Use the Curriculum Search

Step 1

Sign into your account at

Step 2

Click the Catalog tab in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3

In the left-hand menu, enter the term you’re looking for in the Search Bar, then click Search.

On the Search Results screen, you’ll see a list of all the modules with content that includes the phrase you searched for.

What Do the Search Results Mean?

Depending on the phrase you enter in your search, you’ll see a variety of module resources come up in the results.

When you search for a term, the system does search across all curriculum resources available to you. That means your results could include:

  • Lesson plans

  • Teacher presentations

  • Lesson transcripts

  • Student worksheets

  • Additional student resources

Best Practices and Tips for Using the Curriculum Search

Due to the functionality of the Curriculum Search feature, there are a few best practices to help you find what you need:

  1. Use a specific term or phrase instead of a full line copied from your course standards. For example, search “vital signs” instead of a full sentence related to vital signs from your standards.

  2. If nothing shows up, try using a variation of the term. For example, search “email” instead of “email etiquette” to find additional information related to the topic you’re looking for.

  3. Scroll through your search results to find resources in modules you weren’t expecting. Very often you’ll find reinforce activities that further expand on a topic in a way you may not anticipate.

What If I Can’t Find the Topic I’m Searching For?

If you need help using the Curriculum Search or finding content that meets your needs, send us a chat.

We’ll either direct you to appropriate resources in the catalog or give you recommendations based on your standards.

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