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Best Practices for Handling Student Schedule Changes
Best Practices for Handling Student Schedule Changes

Keep your AES student rosters accurate and up-to-date through any change

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Student schedule changes can cause disruptions to your teaching plans. This is particularly common at the beginning of the school year or between academic terms when students join late, or when changes in their course schedule occur during the first days of class.

In this article, you’ll learn the best ways to handle common student schedule changes and how to resolve each situation quickly and easily.

The most common scenarios teachers face when students’ schedules change are:

Below, you’ll find recommendations for how to address each of these scenarios in your AES classes.

A Student is Leaving Your Class and Will Use AES in Another Teacher’s Class

At the start of a semester, it’s common for students to change class periods, but stay enrolled in the same course at your school or district.

If the curriculum is the same and your school wants to transfer grades and progress for this student, you can use the Move Student feature to transfer the student’s account and preserve progress in AES learning modules.

Note: Only the teacher whose class the student is leaving can transfer the student account to a new class. If you receive an email about an educator needing a previous student’s work in AES, it’s best to contact us directly for help.

A Student is Leaving Your Class and Will Not Need AES Access

Other students may leave your class because they choose to study a different subject or move out of your school district. These learners will no longer need access to AES.

If a student leaves your class and no longer needs access to AES, you can remove that student from your class.

A New Student is Joining Your Class

If you have a new student joining your class mid-semester, the best practice is first to determine if the student already has an existing account.

Ask your student if they have used AES before, even with a different teacher. If a student answers yes, that student will already have an AES account.

If the student answers no, they will need to be enrolled as a new student in AES.

If the New Student Has an Existing AES Account

Students who already have an existing account can be easily added to your class. You can use the student search tool to locate the student’s account. Once you enroll your student, that student is ready to log back into AES.

If the New Student Doesn’t Have an Existing AES Account

Individuals who do not already have an AES account can be easily added to a course. You can use the Manual Enroll feature to add these students to your class.

What if I need additional help?

Not sure about what’s happening with your students’ schedules? Don’t worry!

These recommendations are meant to preserve student grades and help any other teachers who may be involved.

We’re here to help you navigate your situation. Start a chat with us to discuss your schedule change questions.

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