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How to Reassign Learning Modules for Students to Review
How to Reassign Learning Modules for Students to Review
5 Steps to Reset Modules for Students to Complete Again
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Have you ever wondered the best way to reset learning modules for students to work through a second time? You’re not alone!

The most common scenarios that lead teachers to ask about resetting modules for their students include:

  • Students who need an additional review of learning content

  • Students preparing for certification exams or final assessments

  • Students preparing for HOSA events

In this article, you’ll learn best practices for reassigning learning modules for students to review.

Note: AES doesn’t provide a “one-click” solution to reset modules and assessments for your students. Instead, we recommend creating a copy of the class and making adjustments as needed. Click here to learn more about why.

How to Reassign Learning Modules to Your Students by Copying a Class

Step 1

Sign in to your teacher account at

Step 2

On your My Classes screen, locate the class you want to reset and click Copy.

Step 3

In the pop-up, enter a title for the new class. We recommend using the word “Review” in the new class’s name to make it easy for you and your students to identify.

Then click Copy.

Step 4

You will be redirected into your newly created class.

Now it’s time to modify your class settings or remove any modules you don’t want students to review.

Step 5

Once your review class is ready to go, it’s time to enroll your students.

If you created this class as a review for a handful of students who need remediation, you can manually enroll them.

If you want an entire class of students to go through the modules as a review for a certification or final, have them enroll themselves.

When your students enroll in the class, make sure you explain why you created the class and your expectations!

Why Do I Have to Copy a Class Instead of Resetting Student Work in a Class?

As a teacher, you may sometimes need to show a record of your student’s completed work and grades to administrators and parents. Because of this, we don’t allow teachers to do a full reset of students’ work within an existing class.

While you can reset individual assessments on an as-needed basis, we would never recommend doing so for every student in a class.

Copying a class following the steps above removes the time-consuming task of resetting multiple assessments. Plus, it keeps the original record of your student’s work and grades untouched - just in case!

Have additional questions about resetting or reassigning materials to your students? Send us a chat!

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