How to Restore a Custom Exam

Discover How to Retrieve a Deleted Exam from Your Deleted Items

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Accidentally delete a custom exam from a class?

Need to revisit how you built a previous exam or wish you would have made a copy?

All is not lost!

In this article, you’ll learn how to get back an exam that was previously deleted.

How to Restore a Custom Exam

Step 1

Sign in as a teacher at

Step 2

Click the arrow in the top-right corner next to your profile image and select Deleted Items.

Step 3

In the left-hand menu, click Deleted Exams.

Step 4

Find the desired exam and click Restore.

Step 5

In the popup, select the class you want to put the exam in, then click Restore.

Step 6

Go back to your My Classes tab, select the class, and go to the Assignments tab. You’ll see the restored exam at the bottom of your assignment list!

Now that you've restored your exam, you can choose to copy it or edit it!

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