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Using the EHR Simulation Sandbox
Using the EHR Simulation Sandbox

Find Answers to Common Questions about the EHR Simulation Sandbox

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In this article, we'll answer the most common questions teachers ask about the EHR Simulation Sandbox.

Looking for general information on the EHR Simulation module? Check out the EHR Simulation Module FAQ

What Is the EHR Simulation Module Sandbox?

The sandbox mode is a free form option where students can complete tasks in the EHR simulation without guidance from the system.

This is a great way to reinforce the workflows students have already completed by assigning variations on the learning scenarios.

For example, you may ask your students to create a new patient, schedule an appointment, and record vital signs.

The sandbox mode only supports tasks that fall into the scope of the learning scenarios.

Why Doesn't the Sandbox Save Information My Students Entered Previously?

Due to privacy concerns, any information entered in the sandbox mode is not saved once the EHR simulation is closed.

Can I Upload Scenarios to the Sandbox for Students to Complete?

Currently teachers are not able to upload their own scenarios to the EHR Sandbox.

If you have additional questions about the EHR Sanbox, send us a chat!

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