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Answers to Common Questions Teachers Ask About the AES Free Trial

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Just getting started with your free trial of the AES curriculum system?

In this article, you'll discover answers to the most common questions teachers like you ask about the trial.

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Free Trial Basics

What’s included in the free trial? Is it a limited version?

No, AES provides an all-access free trial that includes our entire curriculum so you can be sure the curriculum is right for you and your students.

You’ll have access to the complete set of materials for planning, teaching, and assessing students according to our four-phase curriculum plan. The only limitation is on the number of resources you download during your trial period.

How long is the free trial?

The AES free trial is automatically set for 30 days.

Often, teachers discover that they can decide whether AES is right for them within the first two weeks of their trial.

Can my trial be extended past 30 days?

We understand that circumstances may arise leading you to ask for an extension on your trial. We’re happy to work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine whether an extension is appropriate.

Getting Full Access to Your Trial

Before gaining full access to the AES curriculum system, you’ll need to verify your email and validate that you’re a teacher. Read below to learn why.

Why do I need to verify my email address?

In the past, teachers have encountered students who created fake trial accounts to try and access answer keys. We put this verification step into the system to help prevent students from cheating.

By verifying your school-issued email address, you’ll help promote academic integrity for students who learn with AES.

How can I update my email address to become verified?

If you initially signed up for a trial with your personal email account, you’ll need to change your login credentials to your school-issued email.

Send us a chat to easily update your email address.

Why does my trial need to be validated?

Once your email is verified, validating your trial is a second step that helps mitigate the potential for students to cheat.

Start a chat to have your trial validated. This allows us to ask a few questions to confirm you are a teacher working in a school and not a sneaky student trying to get around the system.

Using Your Free Trial

Why should I enroll students in the trial?

The AES curriculum system works best when you and your students use it in a blended learning environment.

Enrolling students in your trial allows you to measure your students’ progress when using AES in your classroom. Gauging student performance and reactions when using AES helps you get the most value out of your trial to ensure AES is the right fit.

What should I expect once students have access to AES?

Once you enroll students in your trial, they’ll have access to AES modules, lessons, and activities that you assign.

You can learn more about the AES student experience here:

Is there a limit to the number of resources I can use?

The AES free trial includes a limit on the resources you can download and view, including lesson plans, teacher presentations, and answer keys.

If you enroll your students in the trial, we’re happy to approve additional resource downloads as you work through the purchasing process.

What will happen when my AES free trial is over?

How much will AES cost when my trial is over?

When your trial ends, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase AES. There are no hidden costs to you or your school. Your credit card won’t be charged, and your students won’t lose progress.

To find out how much AES will cost for your program, read this article: How Much Does AES Cost After the Trial?

Will I need to create a new account when I purchase AES?

Nope! Your account will automatically be converted to an active account when you purchase AES, so there’s no need to create a new account and re-enroll students.

Will my students lose progress when I purchase AES?

The transition from a free trial to an active AES account is seamless, so your students won’t lose any of the progress made during your trial period. You’ll be able to continue teaching with full access to your curriculum.

Can I purchase only a teacher’s version of the curriculum?

The AES curriculum is intended to be used as a blended learning resource by both you and your students. Because of this, we don't offer a teacher-only option. Every AES package includes access to all of the modules in HealthCenter21 or Business&ITCenter21.

What kind of support will I get as a customer?

During your free trial and as a customer, you’ll have access to support from our Customer Success team.

Every AES plan includes access to customer success, and our team is always available to answer your questions. You can reach customer success by phone at 800-220-2175 on weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM EST or by starting a chat.

You can also find the answers to many of your questions in the AES Help Center.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about the AES system, send us a chat. We’ll be happy to help you with your free trial and using AES in your classroom.

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