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Why We Validate Every Trial and Limit Resource Downloads
Why We Validate Every Trial and Limit Resource Downloads

Why can't I download more resources?

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Why We Validate Every Trial Account

When you sign up for a free trial, we need to make sure that you're a real teacher who we can contact with updates, curriculum additions, and other relevant information.

We do this with two steps.

Step 1 - Verify your email
We need to verify your email address before you can download any resources. 

We send you an email with a link when you sign up for the trial. Once you click it, you can access everything except answer keys and assessments.  

Step 2 - Validate your trial

To prevent student cheating, we validate that every free trial user is an educator. 

Being validated gets you rocking and rolling with full access for the trial period. The only limit will be the number of total download views allowed. 

Why Resource Downloads are Limited During the Trial Period 

The free trial includes a limit on the resources you can download. The limit helps to prevent piracy of our material from individuals not intending to purchase the curriculum system. 

You use a download every time you click a resource — even if it appears in your web browser!

If you need more downloads and have students enrolled, just ask! You can click the icon in the bottom right corner to get in touch. 

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