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Enroll Students for the First Time with an Enrollment Code
Enroll Students for the First Time with an Enrollment Code

8 Steps to Enroll New Students in your Class Using the Enrollment Code

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Do you have brand new students that never used AES before? If so, you're in the right place.

When you give your class enrollment code to your students, they can add themselves to your class without you doing all of the work!

It takes less than five minutes for students to enter the enrollment code and enroll in your class for the first time!

In this article, we’ll explain how new students can enroll into a class with a username and password.

If your students have Google accounts, follow these steps: How to Enroll New Students with Google SSO

How to Enroll Students with a Class Enrollment Code

Step 1

Sign in as a teacher at

Step 2

Select the class you will have students enroll in from your My Classes tab.

Step 3

From there, navigate to your Students tab.

Then, select Enroll Students from the left-hand menu.

Step 4

In the Student Self-Enrollment box, you will find your class’s unique enrollment code.

(Images are a sample and do not contain an existing enrollment code.)

Step 5

Give this unique five-character enrollment code to your students.

You can also share these instructions with them: Student Instructions: How to Enroll in AES as a New Student

Step 6

Direct students to and instruct them to select I am a Student:

Step 7

Students will click the Enroll into a Class button and create their account.

Note: If your students are under 13 years of age, read this article!

Step 8

Once enrolled, your students will appear in the Student Roster. At this point, we recommend you close enrollment to prevent duplicate enrollments.

After your students are enrolled, you may need to manage their accounts. Learn how to troubleshoot the most common student account issues by reading this article:

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