How to Turn on the Module Pre-Test

4 Steps to Assign Pre-Tests to Your Students Before they Begin the eLearning Lessons

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Are you looking for a way to gauge how much your students know about a topic before they begin their lessons?

A module pre-test is an optional, non-graded assessment that allows you to measure improvements in your students' outcomes.

In this article, you'll learn how to turn on the module pre-test for a class.

Step 1

On the My Classes tab, choose the class you want to assign pre-tests to.

Step 2

Click the Assignments tab.

Step 3

On the left-hand menu, click Quizzes & Tests.

Step 4

Check the Module Pre-Test box to enable to module pre-test for the class:

With the pre-test setting enabled, your students wont' be able to access the lessons until they complete the pre-test.

After your students have taken a pre-test, you can view their results in the Pre/Post Test Report!

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