These instructions are for students who have existing accounts in the AES system.

If you have never used AES before, go here to enroll and create an account: How to Enroll in AES as a New Student

How to Enroll in AES as a Returning Student

Step 1

Go to the browser on your device. You can use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

Step 2

In your browser URL bar, type

Step 3

Click the I am a Student button:

Step 4

Sign into your account with your AES credentials:

Note: If you forgot your password, do not create a new account. Tell your teacher and they will set up a new password for you.

Step 5

On your My Classes screen, click the Enroll into a New Class button:

Step 6

Enter the enrollment code given to you by your teacher in the box and click Next:

You are now enrolled and will be automatically taken to the new class in your AES account!

If you have any trouble enrolling in the class, contact your teacher.

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