If a student has used AES in the past, they already have an account set up.

They may be returning to a class the previously dropped, or they may have used AES in an earlier course.

You can add this student to any class by using the Student Search, so all the student will need to do is sign into their account!

In this article, you'll learn how to enroll a student into your class using the Student Search feature.

Step 1

Search for the student’s name on your My Classes tab.

Step 2

Click Add to Class next to the name of the student.

Step 3

Select the desired class and click Enroll Student.

Next time the student signs in, they will see that class listed on their My Classes screen!

Once you have your students enrolled, you may need to manage their accounts. Learn how to troubleshoot the most common student account issues by reading this article:

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