Help Your Hearing Impaired Students Work Through the eLearning Lessons
Use Lesson Transcripts to Help Your Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students
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Do you have hearing impaired students in your classes?

If so you're probably wondering what resources we have to help them work through the narrated eLearning lessons.

Some health science lessons do have closed captioning, however they aren't consistently available throughout all of the lessons.

To help your hearing impaired students work through lessons that don't have closed captioning, you can share the lesson transcripts with them!

In this article, we'll show you how to find lesson transcripts to share with your students.

The lesson transcripts can be found under the Teacher/Student Resources in the module outlines. Follow the steps below to locate them:

Step 1

Begin by signing on as a teacher. 

Step 2

Go to the class you need to find transcripts for, click the Assignments tab, and then select the Module Title.

Step 3

In the Learn & Practice section of the module outline, you'll find the Lesson Transcripts.

These transcripts contain all of the narrated content found within the chosen unit. Download the transcript to share with your hearing impaired students!

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