How to Edit a Custom Exam

Discover How to Add, Edit, or Remove Questions from an Existing Custom Exam

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Want to make tweaks to a custom exam you previously created?

In this article, you'll learn how to edit an existing custom exam in your class.

3 ways you can edit a Custom Exam are:

Note: We recommend you make these changes well in advance of students taking the assessment. You should not make changes to an exam after a student completes it.

How to access the editing features on your Custom Exam.

Step 1

Step 2

On your My Classes tab, select the desired class.

Step 3

Click the Assignments tab:

Step 4

From your Assignment list, select the Exam title.

Clicking the exam name will open the exam editor, where you can delete, edit, or add questions as needed.

From here you can remove a question from the exam, edit questions added to the exam and add more questions to your exams

Add a Question to your Exam

Step 1

Click the Add Questions button in the top right corner.

Step 2

From the AES Question Bank, select the module you would like to add questions from.

Step 3

From this list of questions click the Add to Exam + button for any questions you would like to add.

The button will change to Added to signify it is applied to the exam.

How to Remove a Question from Your Custom Exam

Step 1

Click the Remove button next to the question you would like to remove.

How to Edit a Question on Your Custom Exam

Step 1

Click the pencil button next to the question you want to edit.

Step 2

Make any edits you would like to the question and click Save at the top.

Note: Because you edited the question, it will now be labeled a custom question and can be found in your custom question bank if you want to use it on future exams.

Want to add your own questions to your custom exam and not just the AES questions? Learn how you can create your own custom questions.

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