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Discover Answers to the Most Common Questions Teachers ask about Quizzes, Tests, and Custom Exams

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Once you've worked through the basics of using AES with your students, you're likely to have questions about some of the more detailed pieces of the system.

In this article, we'll answer the most common questions teachers like you ask about the assessments within the AES system.

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General Assessment Questions

What are the different types of assessments in the AES system?

There are four types of assessments you can assign:

  • Quiz: A formative assessment your students complete at the end of a unit.

  • Test: A summative assessment completed at the end of a module.

  • Custom Exam: A summative assessment created by you with the Create an Exam feature.

  • Pre-Test: An optional assessment before a module that does not count towards a students' grades.

Can I only give certain students access to an assessment?

Yes! You can allow an individual student to access an assessment that is closed by following these instructions: How to Open an Assessment for an Individual Student

Can I reset an assessment grade?

Yes! You can reset a student's grade for any graded assessment.

Can a student take an assessment more than once?

Yes, however depending on the type of assessment you will need to follow different steps to allow this.

To adjust how many times your students can take a unit quiz, you can change the quiz settings on a per-class basis.

If you want to allow a student to take a module test or custom exam again, you'll need to reset the assessment for that student.

Unit Quiz FAQs

Can I delete a question from a quiz?

No, teachers are not able to edit a unit quiz.

Can I change how quiz attempts are graded?

Yes, multiple quiz attempts can be calculated by the most recent result, best result, or the average of all results.

Module Test FAQs

Can I delete a question from a test?

No, teachers are not able to edit a module test.

If a unit is closed, are the related questions removed from the module test?

Closing a unit will not remove questions from that unit from the module test.

If I remove or delete a unit, are the related questions removed from the module test?

Yes! If you fully remove a unit from a module, the questions will not be included in the module test.

Custom Exam FAQs

Can I add an image to an exam question?

No. Currently, the Create an Exam feature only allows you to add text-based questions to your custom exams.

Can I copy an exam and share it with another teacher?

Yes, if you are on the same AES customer site.

To share your custom exam with another teacher, you will need to share the class with them. Once the class is shared, they can copy the exam into one of their own classes.

How often can I create and use a custom exam?

You can create as many custom exams as you need for your students!

Why does my custom exam not include the number of questions I selected?

When you create an automatically generated custom exam, you will input the number of questions you would like on the exam.

If the number of questions does not match the number of questions you input, that means the total number of test questions is lower than the input. For example, if you put 75 questions and there are only 50 test questions available for those modules, only 50 will populate for your exam.

You can still add more questions to the assessment manually from the list of questions that were available on quizzes rather than tests.

Who has access to custom questions I create in AES?

Any questions that you create in AES are only visible within your account.

Do the questions I create for custom exams become the property of AES?

Only AES-created questions are property of AES. Any other materials and data belong to the institution that purchased the subscription.

Can I permanently delete a custom exam question I create?

There's no way to permanently delete them at this time. You can edit questions at any time though!

Pre-Test and Post-Test FAQs

How can I preview the module pre-test?

To learn what your students will be asked on a module pre-test, you can look at the module test preview.

The pre-test is the same assessment as the module test, so you can compare how your students' understanding improved after completing the module.

How do my students access the pre-test?

If you have the pre-test enabled for a class, your students will be automatically directed to take the pre-test when they enter the module.

Students cannot access the eLearning lessons until they complete the pre-test.

Is the pre-test grade included in a student's average grade?

No, the pre-test is a baseline for you to easily measure student improvement and does not impact a student's module grade.

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