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How to Assign Grades for Your Students' Worksheets
How to Assign Grades for Your Students' Worksheets

Best Practices for Grading Student Worksheets According to Accuracy, Completion, or Spot-Checks

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Are you looking for ways to assign grades to your students for completing the AES worksheets?

While we don't automatically grade electronic worksheet responses, teachers like you have found a number of ways to assign grades to worksheets.

In this article, you'll discover tips for assigning worksheet grades according to three grading styles:

  1. Accuracy

  2. Completion

  3. Spot-Checks

1. How to Grade Student Worksheets for Accuracy

The most traditional way to grade worksheets is by requiring every answer to be filled in and graded for accuracy.

Grading your students’ worksheets for accuracy is the best way to ensure your students take their time to answer the questions. After all, their grade will depend on it!

So, how can you view student worksheet responses to assign grades?

There are three ways to review student worksheet responses:

Depending on your preferences, you may find one of these options for grading on accuracy works better for you.

The only downside to grading for accuracy is the amount of time it can take you to grade each student’s worksheet.

If you’d prefer to not hand-grade all of your students’ worksheet responses, continue reading below!

2. How to Assign Grades Based on Worksheet Completion

Some teachers assign daily or weekly participation grades based on whether students have completed the assigned worksheets.

When assigning grades based on worksheet completion, some teachers assign the same number of points for every worksheet. Others assign different point values based on the number of questions in each worksheet.

Both grading styles are effective and choosing one over the other will depend on how much weight you want to give to the worksheets in relation to your students’ other work.

Either way, you need a quick way to check which students are completing the worksheets you’ve assigned!

Follow these steps to view the status of your students’ worksheets:

  1. From within your AES class, click the Grades tab

  2. Select the View Options button at the top of your gradebook

  3. Select “Shown” under Worksheets”

You’ll now be able to see how many worksheets each student has completed for your assigned modules:

Overall, grading for completion can save you a lot of time, since it doesn’t require you to manually look through each students’ worksheets to review their answers.

However, it gives your students the opportunity to forego accuracy when filling out their worksheet answers.

One way to encourage your students to fill out the worksheets properly is to frame them as study guides to help them prepare for assessments down the road.

Some teachers even allow students to download and print their completed worksheets to use as notes during the unit quizzes.

If you’re not sure about leaving things up to chance, the third option for grading worksheets is a great compromise between our first two suggestions!

3. Assign Grades Based on Random Spot-Checks

To save yourself time with grading, while also holding students accountable for filling out the worksheets correctly, you can randomly choose one worksheet to spot-check for accuracy.

At the beginning of your semester, explain that you expect the students to complete every worksheet within the assigned modules.

Towards the end of your grading period, randomly select one of the worksheets and authentically grade it with a significant weight (such as a test score).

This type of spot-checking will drive home how important it is for your students to complete the worksheets, while only burdening you with grading them once per nine weeks!

Discover New Ways to Use Student Worksheets!

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to pick the grading style that works best for you and your students.

You may even decide to adjust your worksheet-grading preference for different modules throughout the year!

However, assigning grades to your students’ worksheets isn’t the only option. Teachers like you find creative ways to leverage these resources in their classes every school year.

Click below to join the AES Educator Community and ask your peers how they use the worksheets in their classes!

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