Does AES Integrate with Classlink?

Discover the Options to Connect AES with Your Classlink System

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**Note: The current integrations with Classlink are only available to customers subscribed to Campus or District plans**

Does your school district use Classlink? If so, you’re likely wondering if AES can integrate or pair with it.

Currently, we offer two options for integrating AES with your Classlink system:

  1. Single Sign-On

  2. Rostering

In this article, we’ll explain what each integration option is, how it works, and who can use it.

1. The Single Sign-On Integration Between AES and Classlink

Do your students forget their AES passwords on a weekly (if not daily) basis? With a Classlink Single Sign-On integration, your students can save time and save you the hassle of dealing with forgotten passwords.

What Is the Single Sign-On Integration?

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows teachers and students to use their Classlink accounts to access the AES system.

This works by taking your initial login to Classlink, encrypting it for security, and then using the token to access the AES system without the need for a separate username and password.

An SSO integration makes it easier for you and your students because there is one less password to remember, resulting in fewer login issues.

The Classlink Single Sign-On integration is available to customers subscribed to a Campus or District plan.

Your district’s Classlink Administrator must request access to use the SSO integration with AES.

After the integration is enabled, you and your students will be able to access AES from your Classlink Launchpad.

Learn how you can use the Classlink SSO integration after it’s enabled for your district:

2. The Rostering Integration Between AES and Classlink

Are you an administrator looking for ways to help your teachers save time and give students a more seamless experience with digital tools? If so, a rostering integration for Classlink may be a good fit.

What Is the Rostering Integration?

With a rostering integration, teachers can easily import class rosters from their district’s system into the AES system.

Districts that use rostering don’t need to worry about enrolling individual students into the correct AES class periods.

After your roster has been imported, students can access their AES classes by using the Classlink Launchpad.

At any point during the year a student’s schedule changes in your school’s student information management system, the Classlink rostering integration will update the AES system to reflect the change.

Rostering through Classlink is available to customers subscribed to a Campus or District plan.

The process to set up rostering between Classlink and AES will require your district’s IT administrator to work with the AES software team.

This will require both parties to work together to configure the Classlink connection appropriately for your district.

As part of this setup, your district will also need to enable the Classlink SSO integration.

If you think rostering could be a good solution for your district, contact your AES account manager.

Your account manager will help you determine whether rostering would be the right fit for your needs and discuss the next steps if you’d like to move forward.

Which Classlink Integration Option Is Best for You?

The options for integrating AES with Classlink serve different purposes and are available to different subscription plans.

Contact your account manager to further discuss which implementation would best fit your needs.

If you have additional questions about connecting AES with Classlink, send us a chat.

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