What Is the Daily Quiz Challenge?

Discover What the Daily Quiz Challenge Is and How It Can Help Your Health Science Students

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The Daily Quiz Challenge is an optional feature you can enable for any of your classes within HealthCenter21.

Once enabled, your students are presented with 10 multiple-choice questions as a non-graded review activity each day when they log into AES.

The questions in the Daily Quiz Challenge focus on three topics:

These topics were chosen because they have the most vocabulary and concepts that students typically need more practice to learn.

How Can the Daily Quiz Challenge Help My Students?

For your students to succeed in advanced health science classes and prepare for certifications, they need to understand and interpret a variety of medical terms and phrases.

Your students shouldn’t focus on cramming and memorizing these terms just to pass a mid-term. They need to master this vocabulary so they can have long-term career success.

That’s why we developed the Daily Quiz Challenge.

The Daily Quiz Challenge is designed to give your students daily practice and repetition with medical vocabulary.

You can choose which topics you want your students to work through, based on the needs of your course and the area they need the most help with.

With this daily practice, your students will be able to better recall the information in the future.

When Should I Assign the Daily Quiz Challenge?

We recommend assigning the Daily Quiz Challenge throughout the entire year - before, during, and after you teach the topics found in the daily questions.

In some cases, your students may be asked a question they don’t know the answer to. That’s actually a great learning opportunity!

The quiz challenge will offer immediate feedback on the question, allowing the student to think critically to narrow down the options and find the correct answer. In the process, you’re helping to reinforce their long-term retention of that information.

Participation in daily practice throughout your entire course will give your students as much practice as possible with the vocabulary, resulting in even better retention.

How Can I Use the Daily Quiz Challenge in My Classes?

You can enable the Daily Quiz Challenge by clicking a setting in your classes.

Read this article to learn more: How to Enable the Daily Quiz Challenge

Once the feature is enabled, you can use it in a variety of ways to help your students retain information.

Teachers have told us they love using the Daily Quiz Challenge as a warm-up, bell-ringer, or “do now” activity.

Some teachers even assign participation points or extra credit to students who complete the challenge every week.

For more ideas, ask teachers like you how they use the Daily Quiz Challenge!

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