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Discover Answers to the Most Common Questions Teachers ask About the Daily Quiz Challenge and How It Works

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If you're considering enabling the Daily Quiz Challenge in your classes, you likely have questions about how it works.

In this article, we'll answer the most common questions teachers like you ask us about this feature.

Let's dive in!

What Is the Daily Quiz Challenge?

The Daily Quiz Challenge is an optional feature you can enable for any of your HealthCenter21 classes.

It's an excellent way to help your students master medical vocabulary related to anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and pharmacy technician.

How Do I Enable the Daily Quiz Challenge?

You can enable the Daily Quiz Challenge to any class by following 5 steps.

How Do Other Teachers Use the Daily Quiz Challenge?

Teachers often use the Daily Quiz Challenge as a warm-up, bell-ringer, or "do now" activity.

Some teachers even assign participation points or extra credit to students who complete the questions each week.

For more ideas, ask other teachers in the AES Educator Community.

Is the Daily Quiz Challenge Graded?

No, the Daily Quiz Challenge is not graded. The challenge consists of 10 multiple-choice questions each day.

Students get 10 “points” for each question they answer correctly on the first try. If students select an incorrect answer, they receive immediate feedback and choose another answer to continue.

Do Students See If Their Answers Are Correct?

Yes, students receive immediate feedback on the answers they select as they work through the questions. However, students cannot go back and review their results after completing the Daily Quiz Challenge.

How Do I View Student Performance?

You can view leaderboards and student performance for the Daily Quiz Challenge on your Grades tab.

Where Do the Quiz Challenge Questions Come From?

When developing the questions, we worked with a question writer to develop a variety of questions related to three topics: Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Pharmacy Technician.

The questions in the Daily Quiz Challenge are different from the questions your students will encounter in the lessons, quizzes, and module tests.

When Does the Class Leaderboard Reset?

The Quiz Challenge Leaderboard is tracked on a weekly basis and resets every Sunday night at 11:59 EST.

That means the best time to check the Leaderboard and show your students the results would be at the end of the class period on Friday or sometime over the weekend.

Can I View Which Days and Times Students Completed the Quiz Challenge?

Currently the reporting side of the Daily Quiz Challenge is limited. Because of this, you're only able to see your students' participation for the week.

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