Does AES Integrate with Canvas?

Discover the Options to Connect AES with Your Canvas LMS

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If your school district uses the Canvas Learning Management System, you're probably wondering what options we provide for pairing our digital curriculum system with Canvas.

Currently, we offer two ways to connect AES with your Canvas LMS:

  • A Lite integration

  • An LTI integration

In this article, we’ll explain what each integration option is, how it works, and who can use it.

1. The Lite Integration Between AES and Canvas

Teachers often ask how they can add a link within Canvas for their students to access the AES login screen. If that’s the case for you, the Lite integration for Canvas would be a great fit.

What Is the Lite Integration?

With the Lite integration, you can add a link to AES as a “module item” within a Canvas course.

We call this option a “lite” integration because it doesn’t involve any connection of data between the systems. It’s all about providing an easy way for your students to access AES!

Who Can Use the Lite Integration?

This option is available for customers on any AES subscription plan.

Any teacher who has courses set up in Canvas can follow the steps to create a Lite integration link between AES and Canvas!

How Do I Setup the Lite Integration?

Setting up your Lite integration is a 5-step process that will only take you a few minutes to complete.

2. LTI Integration Between AES and Canvas

Administrators we work with are always looking for ways to help their teachers improve the student learning experience. If that’s important to you, an LTI integration for Canvas may be a good fit.

What Is the LTI Integration?

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a standard that allows cloud-based tools, such as AES, to integrate with other learning platforms, like Canvas.

An LTI integration allows students to access the AES eLearning lessons from directly within their Canvas session.

When the LTI is enabled, a student will log into Canvas, then click on an AES assignment. This will load the AES curriculum from directly within Canvas:

The main benefits of implementing a Canvas LTI integration for your district are:

  • Students only need to log into one system (Canvas) and never leave that environment

  • Canvas will automatically record student login activity for the AES system

  • Students and teachers can use the communication tools within Canvas as students work through AES lessons

  • Student grades will automatically pass from the AES gradebook back into Canvas

Who Can Use the LTI Integration?

The LTI integration is available for customers who are subscribed to a District Plan of HealthCenter21 or Business&ITCenter21.

How Do I Setup the LTI Integration?

If you think the LTI integration could be a good solution for your district, contact your account manager.

Your account manager will help you decide whether an LTI integration would be right for your needs and determine the next steps if you’d like to move forward.

Which Canvas Integration Option Is Best for You?

The options for integrating AES with your Canvas LMS serve different purposes and are available to different subscription plans.

If you’re an individual teacher, the Lite integration is a great way to help your students access AES more easily.

If you’re an administrator with a District plan subscription, the LTI integration could help your students have a more seamless learning experience.

Have additional questions about connecting AES with Canvas? Send us a chat!

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