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How to Enroll New Students with Classlink Single Sign-On
How to Enroll New Students with Classlink Single Sign-On

5 Steps to Enroll New Students in an AES Class Through Classlink SSO

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**Note: This is only available to customers subscribed to Campus or District plans who have enabled the Classlink integration**

Has your school or district enabled the Single Sign-On integration between Classlink and AES? If so, this integration can help your students create their AES accounts in a quick and easy way.

In this article, you’ll learn how a new student who has never used AES before can enroll into AES via Classlink.

By following these steps, your students’ AES accounts will be automatically created from Classlink. Afterwards, your students will simply use the Classlink Launchpad to log into AES!

Step 1

Log into your teacher account at

Step 2

Select the class you plan to enroll new students in.

Step 3

From there, navigate to the Students tab, select Enroll Students from the left-hand menu, and locate the Student Self Enrollment Code:

(Note: Images are a sample and do not contain an actual enrollment code.)

Step 4

Instruct your students to sign into Classlink and select the AES app from the Classlink Launchpad.

This will take them to the class enrollment screen within AES.

Step 5

Share the Enrollment Code from Step 3 with your students, and ask them to enter it in the Student Enrollment box:

Your students now have AES accounts and are enrolled in your AES class. You will now see your students listed in the AES class roster from your teacher dashboard.

Moving forward, your students will always access AES from the Classlink Launchpad!

For additional help with Classlink SSO, start a chat with our team. We’ll help you get in touch with the right person.

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