How to Link to AES from Google Classroom

6 Steps to Add a Link in Google Classroom for Students to Access AES by Using a "Lite" Integration

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Need an easy way for your students to access AES from Google Classroom without a full integration?

In this article, you'll learn how to add a link to AES from Google Classroom.

Step 1

In Google Classroom, go to the Classwork tab.

Step 2

Click +Create and select Material.

Step 3

Give the material a title, such as "AES Login" and click Add to add a link to

Step 4

Under For, select which classes or students should have access to the material link.

Step 5

Under Topic, choose whether you want the link to live under a specific topic in your Classwork.

Step 6

Click Post to post the new link to AES in your Classwork.

Read these instructions on the Google Classroom website here: Add Materials

For additional tips, watch this video:

For additional help with setting up your LMS, contact your school's IT team or the LMS provider you work with.

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