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Export Your Students’ Electronic Worksheet Responses
Export Your Students’ Electronic Worksheet Responses

Create PDFs of your students’ worksheet responses for easier review and grading.

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Many teachers find that grading student worksheets often increases student participation on the worksheets. However, grading these can take a lot of time.

In this article, you will learn how you can export your students’ worksheet responses to a PDF!

Note: You can only export worksheets with responses. Blank worksheets will not export.

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5 Steps to Export Your Student's Electronic Worksheet Responses

Step 1

Step 2

Choose your class and click the Grades tab.

Step 3

On the top-right, click the Export Worksheets button.

Step 4

Make a selection with the Select Student and Select Module drop-down menus. We recommend exporting one student for all modules or one module for all students.

Note: No matter how you slice it, this PDF will be a large file with many pages. The worksheets are multiple pages, and that is multiplied by the number of students or modules.

Step 5

Click the Export Worksheets button to generate the PDF.

This could take a moment to load. Once it’s ready, click the yellow Open PDF Worksheet button and your PDF opens in a new browser tab.

Our hope is this will combine all the information you need for grading into one document.

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