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How to Support Your Students with Lesson Errors and Connection Issues
How to Support Your Students with Lesson Errors and Connection Issues

Steps to take when students encounter glitches, freezing, loading, and other connectivity problems.

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When students access AES from home, they may encounter issues that didn’t come up when working in your classroom.

In this article, we’ll address the 4 most common problems with student access that can occur during distance learning with AES:

  1. Not able to connect to the server

  2. Glitches in an interactive lesson

  3. Getting kicked out of the system

  4. Lessons lagging or not loading

1. Not Able to Connect to the Server

Is your student unable to sign in and seeing a message about not being able to connect to the server?

This usually means the student is using a school-issued device that is not properly configured for students to work in AES. 

You will need to contact an IT professional within your school or district to correct this.

Forward this list of links to your IT staff and ask them to verify that these URLs are unblocked on student devices and profiles:

When you send this information to your IT staff, please include on the email!

That way we can help with any technical questions that may come up.

2. Glitches in an Interactive Lesson

Is your student experiencing freezing within an eLearning lesson?

If so, they may have encountered a glitch with the interactive lesson player.

To confirm whether it is a glitch, students should follow these steps:

Step 1

Log out of AES

Step 2

Log back into AES

Step 3

Return to the lesson that was freezing

Step 4

Click Resume to continue working in the lesson

At that point, if the lesson is still freezing, the student can try another browser to see if that makes a difference. 

In the case of the issue persisting or it's happening to multiple students in the same location of the lesson, please reach out and we are happy to take a look! 

3. Getting Kicked Out of the AES System

Is your student complaining about being kicked out of the system and back to the login screen?

Start by asking your student when this is happening. Depending on their answer, your solution will vary.

If they are getting logged out immediately after logging in, contact the AES support team.

If they are logged out when working in a lesson, continue reading below.

Ask your student if they have lessons open in multiple tabs of their web browser.

Having AES open in multiple tabs can sometimes create problems resulting in students being logged out.

We recommend students only have one eLearning lesson open at a time.

4. Lessons Lagging or Not Loading

Is your student having trouble with lessons lagging or not loading at all?

It’s possible that they are having internet connectivity issues.

There are two points to discuss with your students to help overcome these connection issues.

First, ask them to confirm they are connected to the correct network. 

When working from home there may be several “open” wireless networks within range and their device may have connected to one automatically. Ask the student to check their WiFi settings and ensure they are connected to the correct network.

Additionally, it’s possible that their internet connection is being impacted.

This may be due to others in the household using the internet at the same time. Popular streaming services may be taking up a lot of bandwidth, leading to loading problems with the AES site.

We recommend that when your students are working within AES that others in their household avoid high-bandwidth activities on the same internet network.

Need Additional Help? The AES Team is Here for You

If you have trouble working through these issues with a student, don’t hesitate to send us a chat or call 800-220-2175 x2

We are here to help you and your students get the most out of the system!

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