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Clean Up Your My Classes Tab
Clean Up Your My Classes Tab

Stay organized and save yourself time prepping next semester’s classes.

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Do you still have last semester's classes (or even classes from many semesters ago) shown on your My Classes tab?

A few quick minutes spent on class clean-up can help you:

  • See your current classes more quickly

  • Stay organized

  • Save time ahead of next semester

  • Free up student licenses for new students

In this article, you’ll learn how to reset or delete your classes based on your needs for next semester. You’ll also find answers to common questions teachers ask about resetting and deleting classes.

Reset Your Class

If you’ll be teaching the same course next semester, the Reset button combines copy and delete options to save you time. Your current class is replaced with a copy in one step, and the original class with students and grades is added to your deleted items.

There’s no need to start from scratch when you already have what you need created from the previous semester!

Learn how to reset a class.

Delete Your Class

After a class is finished for the semester with all the grades documented, you don’t need to keep it on your My Classes tab. You can delete it from your My Classes tab to free up space for your next classes!

Any deleted class will remain in your account under your deleted items.

Learn how to delete a class.

What happens to the licenses after a class is deleted or reset?

Both deleting and resetting classes free up student licenses in your subscription. That means you can use those licenses again with new students.

What if I accidentally delete or reset a class?

All is not lost! If a situation comes up where you need to reference a class again, you can easily restore it from your Deleted Items.

Not ready to clean up your my classes tab? See other end-of-the-semester tips.

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