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Explore Your Course Catalog

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The Catalog tab is where you can view the full AES course catalog and familiarize yourself with the unique learning framework in AES learning modules, called the Four Phases.

You can search for topics to introduce to your students and browse individual resources like the course and certification guides.

Most importantly, you can experience all the student curriculum and teacher resources for yourself. This helps you plan out the topics best suited for your courses.

Note: To access the Catalog, you must have a class created. Then, from any page, click the Catalog tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

In this article, you will learn what features and resources are available in the Catalog:

The AES Course Framework

The four-phase framework is a learning plan that helps you maximize student understanding engagement and information retention. It provides the tools you need to be successful in delivering a blended learning experience.

The four phases of the AES curriculum are:

  1. Explore: Teacher-led activities to hook students’ interest

  2. Learn & Practice: Student-directed eLearning within the system to learn new concepts and skills

  3. Reflect: Teacher-led activities to review and discuss key ideas

  4. Reinforce: Student-directed projects to enhance understanding of concepts and skills

These four phases are the AES way of presenting learning content in a structure any teacher can follow to help students retain key information for the long term.

Learning Modules

A learning module is a collection of lessons and assessments about a single topic.

Within a learning module are the supplemental teaching resources organized within the four-phase curriculum structure. Resources include lesson plans, PowerPoints, student worksheets, and more.

The student lessons can also be previewed here with the View Student Curriculum button.

These resources will save you time in the planning and development of your lessons and courses, and in turn, give you more time to work individually with your students.

Searching Curriculum

Not sure what curriculum you’re looking for? Looking for a specific topic, but not sure where it is covered in AES?

To search by a key term, you can type in what you’d like to find. The most relevant resources included in your subscription will be listed.

For example, “vital signs.”

Note: Our Health Science and Business curriculum are sold separately. You will not be able to add modules to your class that fall outside your school’s subscription.

Course & Certification Templates

Course and Certification templates make it easy to plan your course. These combine learning modules together based on popular courses standards and certifications found throughout the country.

Each title found in the left-hand menu is a course or certification template. Course templates were designed for common classes or related topics. Certification templates make it easy to see what is covered in AES that aligns with a certification.

Course Template

The Medical Office Assistant course template.

Certification Template

NOCTI Health Assisting certification template.

Note: Certification templates are organized separately to provide teachers a template aligned directly to learning objectives for national certification exams. Read about the certification guides in the next section of this article.

Course Guides

Detailed guides are included in all our templates. Within the course templates are Course Guides as a resource to help you use the learning modules within the template.

Course Guides include a general course overview, list recommended materials, sum up the estimated curriculum hours, and more.

Certification Guides

Within the Certification Templates are Certification Guides to use as a resource and the modules included in the template.

Certification Guides offer an in-depth crosswalk showing how AES learning modules align with certification requirements.

In many cases, these documents are used to identify areas where you’ll want to add supplemental resources to meet certification requirements that are not covered within the learning modules.

The Course Catalog is regularly updated, so you always have the latest information to plan your classes successfully. If you're looking for more help with planning classes, check out your Learning Center on the AES website!

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