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Learn how you gradebook will show your grades and progress
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The gradebook holds everything that students are graded on and their progress and status on assignments.

In this article, you’ll learn about navigating and configuring your gradebook with the following topics:

Where is your Gradebook?

Your gradebook is on the Grades tab of your class. It will be the page you land on when you select the tab at the top!

View Module Grade Averages for the Whole Class

By default, in your gradebook, you’ll see the students’ grades broken out by module average.

Teachers tell us this view helps monitor a class’s progression through assignments.

The first grade to the right of a student’s name is their class average.

Each module column will host the average grade of all the students' assessments in that module.

You also can see that a student has completed all assessments in the module when a green checkmark appears in their grade cell.

The module averages are exportable to excel files. From your excel file, you can edit and add weight to the averages!

To view the grades in more detail, you view the grades by individual modules.

View Module Assessment Grades

By module, you can view all the assessments the students have taken in a class.

Many teachers will use this view to gauge how far along students have progressed in a module.

To view the grades that students achieved on each assessment, select a module from the drop-down to see the automatically graded assessments in that module.

The number to the right of the student’s name has changed to show their average grade for the selected module.

Columns are separated into unit quizzes, module tests, and pre-tests (if enabled).

Whether students have completed an assessment or not, you can see more detail by clicking on the grade cell for your student.

Like the module averages, you can use the Export button to export the assessment grades to excel and edit or add weight from there.

Configuring your View Options

We know teachers view their grades in different ways, so the gradebook view is designed to show you what you need using the View Options settings.

The View Options can be assessed using the yellow button shown below:

Your View Options preferences include the following:

  • Display

  • Calculation

  • Worksheets

Note: You can set these preferences now and change them as needed throughout the school year.


Your Display preferences allow you to view the grades as points or percentages.


The Calculation indicates how you want your grade averages to display. You can choose between In-Progress and Final.

  • In-Progress grades are the average of what the student has completed so far. Uncompleted work is not factored into your students’ grades with this view.

  • Final grades display the average grade, counting uncompleted assessments as zeros.

Note: The View Options do not alter how your grades Export to Excel.


Electronics worksheets are optional as there is also a PDF printable version. However, if you use the electronic worksheet, you can make them visible in your View Option by selecting Shown.

Grades aren’t the only way to gauge student progress. Learn about the reports you can use to find out how your students are doing in the curriculum!

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