4 Tips for the End of the School Year
Learn how to build a final exam, export grades, clean up your class list, and review settings for next semester’s classes
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The end of the year is here! As you wrap up classes and finalize grades for your students, these tips will help you save time and stay ahead of the game when planning for next year!

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  1. Create a final exam

  2. Export your grades

  3. Clean up your class list

  4. Review settings for next semester’s classes

1. Create a Final Exam

Do you need to create a final exam or another summative assessment for your students?

With the Custom Exam tool, you can create a customized assessment using questions from quizzes and tests within AES modules.

You can further customize your exam by modifying the AES questions or enter your own questions into the system!

Once you've created an exam, you can copy your custom exam to your other class periods. No need to recreate it from scratch!

Any custom exam you create is a summative assessment with only one attempt available to students.

2. Export Your Grades

Need to export your grades to enter them into your school gradebook?

  • Class-wide of all module averages

  • Individual module assessment grades

Once you export grades to Excel, they are easy to manipulate and configure to your liking. You can give assignments different weights, add columns for additional assignments or participation points, and more!

3. Clean Up Your Class List

When you come back next school year, you'll want to jump in quickly and get started.

Teachers tell us it is easier to find current classes, assignments, and students when inactive class periods are removed from their My Classes tab.

You can remove inactive classes from this view in two ways:

  • Reset a Class

  • Delete a Class

Reset a Class

Reset a class if you need to use the same assignments again with different students. Resetting a class will give you a copy of the class and delete your original, all in one step. The student licenses from the class will also reset for new students to take their places.

Delete a Class

If you have entirely new courses and don’t need your previous classes anymore, then deleting the class is the way to go. Delete a class, and it will no longer be accessible by students. The student licenses from the class will also reset for new students to take their places.

NOTE: You will never truly delete any of the information from classes!

Restore a class if you ever need to review its set up, see the grades again, or check account information for a returning student.

4. Review Settings for Next Semester’s Classes

Copying and resetting a class can save you a lot of time. You have a new class cleared of previous students and grades.

However, it's important to remember all the assignments, class settings, and due dates will copy over!

To ensure nothing surprises you next school year, review the following settings in classes you reset or copy :

Need help reviewing these settings before heading into next school year? Start a chat! We are happy to help!

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