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View Your Student’s Progress in Your Class
View Your Student’s Progress in Your Class

Use the student dashboard to see how your student is progressing through the assignments

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What to see when an individual student’s progress is and how they are doing in your class?

On any Student Dashboard, you can review the student’s activity log, scan a recent work record, and make changes to your individual student’s access to quizzes and tests.

Note: This information is only visible for the current class you are viewing. If your student is enrolled in multiple classes, you will need to switch to that class to see related grades, progress, etc.

In this article, you’ll learn about the areas of a student’s dashboard to check a students’ work:

Where can I find my student’s dashboard?

On the Students tab of your class, you can click on any student’s name to view that student’s dashboard.

Student Activity Report

You will use this log to track a student’s activity in the digital curriculum or look to see if they have completed a specific assessment and when!

The Student Activity Report shows you a detailed log of a student’s activity, including:

  • Sign in

  • Sign out

  • Lesson enter

  • Lesson exit

  • Assessment start

  • Assessment hand in

  • Sign out due to inactivity

Each action recorded is timestamped, so you have an accurate record of your student’s activities while signed in.

There is also an export to a PDF button for easy sharability with your administrators and student’s parents!

Learn more by viewing Student Activity in this article.

Assessment Status

Each student has an assessment status for each assessment in your class. You can see which assessments they’ve completed, open it from them if they were absent during the test, or reset it to give them another go!

The Assessment Status section displays all the quizzes, tests, and custom exams for your class, grouped by module.

Click the module title to see under Assessment Status:

  • Open/Close status - access to the assessment

  • Completion status

  • Assessment grade

  • View assessment link

  • Reset assessment link

The two most significant uses for this page are to reset an assessment for a student or to open it for them.

Recent Work

To determine if a student completed their assessments on time, you can use the Recent Work section on this page.

The recent work is the list of assessments based on the completion time displayed in chronological order starting from what was most recently completed.

The Recent Work section also shows the following details about completed assessments:

  • Assessment completion timestamp

  • Module the assessment is in

  • Assessment Title

  • Assessment grade

  • View assessment link

  • Reset assessment link

Your completion timestamp for the assessments helps you see if a step is complete what they need to be at a glance!

Status Report

You can use this status report for progress reports, parent-teacher conferences, and check which lessons students have completed in learning modules.

In your recent work section of a student’s dashboard, there is a link to the student’s Status Report.

The Status Report is a quick snapshot of what students have completed in your class, including the eLearning lessons, worksheets, quizzes, and tests.

This information is grouped by module and displayed as a list for all the modules assigned in this class.

To see progress and grades for your whole class, you can use your Grades tab.

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