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5 Tips for handling the most common reasons students ask for help!

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“How do I help my student who can’t sign in?”

“What do I do when my student moves to another teacher’s class?”

“Can I drop a student no longer taking my course?”

“Where can I assign something to just one student?”

Once your students are enrolled in your classes, you’ll inevitably have situations arise when you need to manage their AES student accounts so they can access their assignments.

In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot the most common reasons students ask for help with their accounts.

The 5 tips for handling these common scenarios with student accounts are:

Note: All student names created with randomized sample data, no real students are displayed in sample images.

Find Your Student with the Search

Your students may ask for your help to handle a sign in issue or open an assignment for them individually. The fastest way to find your student is with the student search feature.

Directly from these search results, you can add a student to your class or view the student's dashboard by selecting the class title to change their email, username, or password.

Handle Your Student’s Sign-In Issues

Students occasionally need help signing in. These are three common scenarios you may encounter:

  1. Forgotten password or incorrect password

  2. Email address is not registered

  3. A student has multiple student accounts

Here is how you can determine which scenario is happening:

Step 1

What does the student see? Do they have one of the messages below?

Step 2

If they receive a password message. You can reset their password!

If they receive the e-mail address message you can use the student search to answer the following:

  • Is your student not enrolled in AES yet? Enroll the student!

  • Does the student’s email/username shown here match what you see the student typing in? Edit the student's username or give the correct one to the student to type in.

  • Do you see more than one account? Continue below 👇

 A Student Has Multiple Accounts

The scenario that is trickiest to solve is sometimes when a student has multiple AES accounts.

This might result from them forgetting their original login and then sign up for another account.

Other times it’s because the student previously used AES in another course or with another teacher using a different username/email in your school or district.

If you see multiple of the same student on your AES class roster, resolving this issue will depend on the situation and if the student has grades.

Start a chat with the Customer Success team to determine the best resolution for your student's situation. Let and us know the student's name and the class they are in and we're always ready to take a look!

Open Assessments for Individual Students

Teachers often need to open assessments for one or two students in their class rather than the whole class.

This is commonly used as students need makeup assignments after being absent or in the case of IEP or 504 plans that have students working independently from other students in the class.

Move Your Student to Another Class

The first few weeks of a new semester can involve students transferring in and out of your classes or moving from one class period to another.

With the Move Student feature, you can move students (and their work!) from one class to another.

NOTE: For a student's work to follow the student, you must use the Move Student feature, and the class the student is moving must contain the same modules.

Here are your how-to steps: Move a Student to Another Class.

Remove a Student From Your Class

Teachers remove students from their AES classes when they learn their students had a change to their course schedule.

If you won’t need a record of the progress for this student, it is safe to remove the student from your class roster. This makes sure the most up-to-date information is reflected on the Student Roster in your AES classes.

NOTE: Removing a student from a class will not delete the student account permanently, and it will not affect any other classes they are enrolled in.

Have a scenario that you didn't see here? Let us know in the chat!

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