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Customize Your Classes' Settings
Customize Your Classes' Settings

Before enrolling students, adjust settings to fit the needs of your classroom and students!

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There are different ways to set up your class periods based on what will work for your classroom and students.

You can customize every class with the advanced tools found in the left-hand menu bar.

Note: Class settings are specific to a single class, so if you have more than one class period, you will need to adjust the settings for each one. Or, if you teach multiple periods of the same course, you can save time by customizing your class before making copies.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the settings you can apply to your classes:

Quizzes & Tests

You need a variety of ways to measure student progress, learning, and improvement. To help you accomplish this, there are several assessment settings you can adjust, including:

  • Module pre-tests

  • Assessment feedback options

  • Unit quiz attempts

  • How quiz grades calculate

  • And more

Learn additional information about the quiz and test settings.

Student Pacing

Pacing and sequencing is an important part of keeping your students on track with their work.

The Student Pacing Settings save you time by letting you automate student access and actions within the system, such as:

Student Worksheets

By default, the student worksheets are electronic forms that students fill out on their devices as they progress through the lesson.

You can change this setting to have students the PDF printout versions of the worksheets found in your teacher resources. You can also add the ability for students to export their completed electronic worksheets to use for a study guide or hand in a physical copy.

Plan on grading student responses on the electronic worksheets? Learn more in our article about reviewing your students’ worksheet responses.


Your class is now customized to your needs, so you’re ready to enroll students

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