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Citing and formatting an essay is essential. Supplying references from an essay's sources and keeping a paper uniform helps the reader along and shows them where to go if they want to learn more!  

Health career pathways typically use APA formatting over MLA formatting. In our content, however,  we only cover MLA focusing on the business/career course state standards that we see most often. 

That doesn't mean we want to exclude APA altogether though, so we put together a list of resources that you might find useful in teaching the APA formatting to your students!

For what is each format used? 

MLA (Modern Language Association) format is used more for liberal arts, humanities, and business while APA (American Psychological Association) is used in the sciences, and social sciences. 

Both are similar with subtle differences. If you're looking for a play by play, this Pen & the Pad post is where it's at! 

APA formatting resources you can use in your classroom! 

  1. Mendeley is a comprehensive guide that breaks down each section of APA formatting. This resource focuses on the structure of both in-text citations and end of essay reference list.

  2. Purdue is where you want to go to get everything format related in tip-top shape on your essay. Not only does it explain citations, but it also explains the essay's overall format as well. It tells from start to finish how to format an essay to APA guidelines. 

  3. Scribbr is known as the plug and chug type of citation resource. You just have to plug in the specified info and it does all the formatting for you! 

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