In this article, you will learn how to view your class as a student would in their account.

You can use the View as Student feature to:

  • Review interactive lessons

  • Preview the student view of an assessment

  • Learn how students access the resources that accompany lessons

  • Present the interactive lessons to the class to work through together

What features are not previewable in the View as Student feature?

  • Assessment results (quizzes, tests, and custom exams)

  • Student Pacing settings

  • Quizzes and Tests settings applied

  • Student Worksheets Export

  • HealthCenter21 Daily Quiz Challenge

Want to preview these features too? You can enroll yourself as a student!

How to Preview Your Class as a Student

Step 1

Sign in at

Step 2

Choose a class and click on the Assignments tab.

Step 3

Click the View As Student option in the left-hand menu.

Step 4

You will see the student view open in a separate tab.

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