Custom Modules

Upload your own resources for students to access.

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In this article, you will learn how to create a custom module and upload resources to AES. 

First, review the following list of the types of files you can upload: 

  • PowerPoint Presentations 

  • Word Documents

  • Excel Sheets 

  • PDFs 

Step 1 

Sign in the

Step 2

Select class and click the Assignments tab.

Step 3

Under the Advanced Tools the the left-hand menu, click Custom Modules


Step 4

Click Create a Custom Module.


Step 5

Add a Title and select Add Resource


Step 6

From there, click the Edit button: 


Step 7

Add the resource from your computer by clicking Add Resource. 

You can add multiple resources to a single custom module.


Step 8 

Like other modules, you'll need to add your custom module to your class. Learn how to add a module to you class. 

To view the resources you uploaded, you can select the custom module title from the Assignment Details

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