Question Analysis Report

Learn how your students did on individual questions!

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In this article, you will learn how to use the Question Analysis Report to see the breakdown of different test questions and how students are performing on each question.

Step 1 

On the My Classes tab, select the class you would like to view the Question Analysis Report for.

Step 2

Click the Grades tab.

Step 3

From the left-hand menu, click Question Analysis.

Step 4

Click the yellow Generate Question Analysis button to generate the report. After a few moments, a second button, Download Your Report, will appear. Click the Download Your Report button to download the report.

The download will appear at the bottom of your browser. 

Your report will be an Excel spreadsheet. 

The spreadsheet shows the number of times the question has been attempted for an assessment, the number of times students answered it correctly, and the number of times students answered it incorrectly. It also includes the percentage of attempts that were correct. 

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