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Creating a syllabus can be difficult, we get it... and although we can't do it for you, we try to make it as easy as possible for you. 

You can use our course guides if you are teaching one of our templates, or even if you you are not, you can combine several course guides to work for you! 

In addition to our course guides, which can supply the meat of your syllabus many of our other fun features can help your organize as well!

Components in a typical syllabus: 

  • Title of the course/course number

  • Location/time of the course

  • Name of the instructor/Office location/Office hours/Office phone/School email

  • Required text/materials - you can include how to obtain these materials. For AES you can provide how to enroll with the URL and the unique class enrollment code. 

  • Catalog descriptions of course/perquisites (if any). This is where our course guides come in handy! 

  • Course objectives/learning outcomes. Check out the module lessons plan for the nitty gritty.

  • Attendance policy

  • Late work policy. We have  Due Dates features that offers two late work policy option.. you accept it or you don't. Find out more...

  • Students with disability statement..

  • Grading scale. A range, B range, C range, major danger range, and the ruhroohhh range. 

  • Assignments with points possible or percent grade weight. Find out how AES grades work.

  • Calendar of assignments with due dates. We have a due date feature that displays for the students!

  • Message from instructor. Upbeat message letting students know that you want them to succeed! 

  • Disclaimer stating that this is a plan for the semester that might change as class needs develop. Because... well... things happen. 

Still have questions? Reach out via the chat! We would love to have a conversation. 

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