Your Class Overview Tab
Find your class activity and current status on the Overview tab!
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In this article, you will learn what you can find on the Overview tab of your class: 

  • Class Controls 

  • Class Activity 

  • Average Class Grades 

  • Modules Completed by Students 

Class Controls

From your overview tab you can:

  • rename the class

  • create an exact copy of the class 

  • reset the class of all progress and students

  • delete the class 

Class Activity

Under the class title there are three class activity numbers: 

  • Students enrolled in the class

  • Students who have signed in today in that class

  • Students in the class who have signed in over the past seven days 

Average Class Grades

The class average for each student can be found in the What are the average grades for each student chart.  You can hover over the student to see the student's name and average. 

Modules Completed by Students

You can see the module completion rate on the How many students completed each module chart. You can hover over the module to view the title and number of students who have completed it. 

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