Enrolling Students Under 13

Can students under 13 be enrolled? Yes! Here's how.

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AES is dedicated to following federal laws and has important precautions in place for the handling of student information. Our goal is to support teachers and keep students’ information secure.

Under the Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Law, AES cannot accept personally identifiable information (PII) from students under 13 years old.

During the enrollment process, new students are asked to choose “I am under 13” or “I am 13 or over.”

In accordance with COPPA, students under 13 will be stopped from self-enrolling in your classes.

Can students under 13 still enroll into AES to access the eLearning lessons and assessments?


Use the Manual Enrollment option to enroll students under 13, ensuring students do not enter sensitive personal information.

You will get the most of your digital curriculum with all students working through the interactive eLearning lessons, student worksheets, and automatically graded assessments.

To learn detailed information on what data AES collects and how it is used, read our Privacy Policy:

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