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How to View Your Students' Activity in the AES System
How to View Your Students' Activity in the AES System

Use the Student Activity Report to learn what work your students have completed (and when)!

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Are you tired of the old "computer ate my homework" excuse - especially when you have students learning remotely?

Or are you wondering...

"How do I know what a student is working on right now?"

"When's the last time a student signed in?"

"My student says they did the work, how can I really tell?

"How do I see when a student completed an assignment?"

With the Student Activity Report, you can easily find the answers and keep track of your students' progress in your AES classes.

In this article, you'll learn:

Once you learn how to leverage the Student Activity Report, you'll never look back!

How to View a Student's Activity

Step 1

Step 2

Select the class your student is located in.

Step 3

Navigate to the Students tab, then click the student's name from the list.

Step 4

You're now on the student's dashboard. From here, click the Student Activity Report button in the top-right corner.

You're now viewing that student's Activity Report, which shows the full list of your student's most recent activity:

When looking at a student's activity report, you likely have a specific time frame or type of activity you're looking for. That's where the filters come in handy!

How to Filter Your Student's Activity Report

From the Student Activity screen, you can filter the information in four ways:

  1. Time frame

  2. Action type

  3. Teacher

  4. Class

These filters will help you save time when sorting through your students' activity!

How to Export the Student Activity Data

Wish you could print out or save a student's activity information to share with parents or administrators? You can!

From the Student Activity Report screen, click the yellow Export PDF button to generate a PDF version of your student's activity:

The exported data will match exactly what's on the screen based on the filters you've chosen at the time of the export.

Looking for a way to view your students' progress through a module? Check out the Status Report:

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