Assign Due Dates

Give your students a due date for each module.

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In this article, you will learn how to assign due dates to a module assignment and set how the due date responds to late work. 

Step 1 

Sign in to

Step 2 

On your My Classes tab, choose a class.

Step 3

Click the Assignments tab. 


Step 4

Click No Due Date and pick the date from the calendar. 

To remove the date, you can select the X

To edit the date, choose a different date on the calendar.  

It's important to note that a due date is at 11:59 EST of the chosen day.

Step 5 

In the left-hand menu,  click Student Pacing.


Step 6

Choose how you want the due date to respond to late work. 

Close the assignment- the module will close at 11:59 EST, and the student will lose access. 

Do nothing- the module will remain open, and the student will be able to submit late work. 

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