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Best Practices for Enrolling Students in AES
Best Practices for Enrolling Students in AES

Which Student Enrollment Method is Right for You?

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Depending on your unique situation and whether your students have used AES before, the method you choose to enroll students with will vary.

Note: If a student accidentally enrolled in the wrong class, move them to the correct class instead of re-enrolling them. Learn more about managing student accounts.

In this article, you'll learn the most common situations we encounter and the recommended enrollment method for each one.

The most common enrollment scenarios teachers face are:

Below you’ll find the recommendation of how to enroll students for each scenario.

Enrolling a Group of Brand New Students Who Never Used AES

Have a brand new class of students that never used AES? The quickest way to get them started with AES is to have them self-enroll.

Adding a Group of Students with Existing Accounts to a New Class

Starting a new class with students who previously used AES? They can easily enroll in the new class in just a few steps!

Enrolling Individual Students New to AES in a Class

Have a new student join part way through the semester? If so, you’ll want to enroll that individual student rather than re-open enrollment for your entire class.

Adding a Student with an Existing Account to a New Class

Why will you add an individual student that has an account to an additional or new class?

  • They are rejoining a class they dropped

  • You want them to review materials separate from your main class period

  • You want to structure another class for them to accommodate IEPs

You can enroll them into a class manually from your account!

Enrolling Students Under 13

Under the Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Law, AES cannot accept personally identifiable information (PII) from students under 13 years old.

In accordance with COPPA, students under 13 must be manually enrolled by you, the teacher.

Once you’ve identified the best way to enroll your students and all your students are enrolled to access assignments, don’t forget to close enrollment!

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