How to Edit Student Accounts

Help your Students Sign In by Editing their Email/Username

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If your classes self-enroll, you likely have a few students who mistyped part of their information when creating their account.

Not to worry! To best support your students using AES, you can edit and make corrections to their account information.

Use the steps below to edit a student's name, email, or username.

Step 1 

Sign in as a teacher at

Step 2

On the My Classes tab, select the class your student is enrolled in and click the Students tab. The Student Roster shows a full list of the students enrolled in your class.

Step 3

Locate the student and click the Edit drop-down menu in the left-most column.

Step 4

Select Edit Student.

Step 5

A pop-up will appear so you can make the specific change needed for your student.

Don't forget to communicate these changes to your students! 😁

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