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Do your students not have computer access today?
Do your students not have computer access today?

Find an activity for your students to work on!

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What do you do when you planned on having your students go through the interactive lessons AES has to offer, but suddenly you and your student's don't have access to devices?? We have some great activities included in the AES modules under the Reflect and Reinforce sections of the 4 phases that often don't require connection to the internet. So, check there first! 

If you don't see anything there? Well, here are a few options for you... 


  1. Health and Nursing teacher probably have the easiest time with this issue. What can you do? Give a demonstration or have the students give you one! 

  2. Make a game of vocab words. Here's a link to some fun ideas! 


    Who takes care of the school's finances, could they be interviewed? 

Computer Apps: 

    Check out this blog post. It gives ideas from a teacher like you! 


  1. Interview with you, the teacher, other staff in the school, administrators, secretaries... 

  2. Class discussion, round robin style. What does each student want to be? Why did they choose that?  

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