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Medical Office Assistant modules: Saturday, 8/12/17
We're updating these lessons as workplace technology advances. We're also adding new content with improved instructional designs and revised graphics. 

Medical Office Assistant Accounting module: October 2017
This module will release after the launch of other modules. Because it's so specialized, we're spending a little more time with it to get it perfect. 

2016 Microsoft Essentials modules: Saturday, 8/12/17
Microsoft Essentials lessons are in high demand for grades 6 - 9. We've heard your suggestions, so we're launching these new modules with new projects, free-form assignments, and advanced lessons! 

Customer Service module: November 2017
Our customer service module covers the basics of responding to client needs in a professional setting. 

Google Forms module: February 2018
Our latest Forms module covers everything your students need to know to use one of Google's most versatile products. 

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Learning Management System (LMS) update: Friday, 9/1/2017
We're adding a lot of new features to our LMS. These are the three most important.

Flexible quizzes
Your students can now finish quizzes the day after they start. 

Anti-cheating implementation
Quiz questions automatically disappear and become inaccessible after a quiz is completed to prevent answer-sharing among students. 

Lesson content search
Now you can quickly and easily find lesson content with our catalog search function. 


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