This year we are rolled out our a new Teacher LMS/User Interface. 

We understand that change is scary and that the words "New and Improved" can be downright terrifying, so we wanted to make it the transition as easy as possible for you.

Every option that is found in the current system is in the new! The major difference is where you will find these features. 

Here's a preview!   

Teacher Dashboard
Select you course, create a new course, and see a overview of what's in you courses. 

My Class Tab
An overview of your class at glace with additional class controls.

Grades Tab
Where you can manage your student's grades and progress with with ease. Check out the options on the left menu!

Assignments Tab
Open the module and module test,  set a due date, and using the left menu, customize your course!  

Students Tab
View student progress, manage student information and find your enroll codes. 

Each tab or page will have its own tools and customization. They will always be found under the Advanced Tools in the menu on the left. 


What will be found in the new LMS that was never available in the old? 

Grading Improvements

Data Integrations

  • Charts, Dashboards, Analysis
  • Teacher Created Image Questions

Share Data Between Teachers

More Pacing and Student Control Options

  • Requirement to complete all Unit Quizzes before the module Module Test
  • Finish Module before moving on to the next module 

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