Student Certificates are a great way to reward students for their hard work in your class. Watch the video above or follow the step by step directions to learn how to create certificates for your students. 

You can start by... 

1. If you haven't already, sign on as a teacher. 

2. The next step will be to go to the Reports tab of the course you would like to create the reports for. 

3. Once there, there will be a Student Reports section and in that section will be the Certificates of Achievement link. 

4. Go ahead and click on that link and select the module and grade you would like the students to have reached into order to earn the certification. 

5. Then select Create Certificates

6. Now, just select download and you are good to go; your certificates will pop up in PDF format to print. 

7. All that left to do is sign them as the instructor and hand them out! 

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